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The China Challenge: American Policies In East Asia
The China Challenge: American Policies In East Asia
Edited by Frank J. Macchiarola and Robert B. Oxnam
Academy of Political Science, 1991, 195 pp

This is the best collection of essays on post-Tiananmen China yet available. There are solid chapters on China's role in the world economic system, its policies toward Asian neighbors and on Chinese-American relations. Among the highlights are a sober and balanced account of Sino-U.S. relations by former U.S. Ambassador to China Arthur W. Hummel, Jr., a very informative survey of China's relations with neighboring Asian countries by Robert Scalapino, and essays by Denis Fred Simon and David M. Lampton that, in different ways, shed light on the emergence of a "Greater China" economic zone encompassing the People's Republic, especially the coastal provinces, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The papers were written for a January 1991 Asia Society conference in Racine, Wisconsin.