Command Performance: The Neglected Dimension Of European Security

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Command Performance: The Neglected Dimension Of European Security

By Paul B. Stares
Brookings, 1991
240 pp. $29.95

It is no criticism to observe that most of our analyses, and surely our publications, lag behind a reality that is changing more in months than we expected it to change in decades. Based on scores of interviews, this careful study documents what had been a nagging worry during the Cold War: that NATO had focused much on numbers and weapons but less on communications and control, hence the disadvantage of geography-forward defense on the old German-German border-had left its wartime command arrangements dangerously vulnerable. The dramatic changes of recent years render this analysis largely historical but not entirely so. For instance, Stares emphasizes that the devolution of authority produced by Cold War fears of surprise attack can, and should, now be withdrawn.

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