European Security Beyond The Cold War; After The Cold War: Europe's New Political Architecture

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European Security Beyond The Cold War

By Adrian Hyde-Price
Sage, 1991
272 pp.

After The Cold War: Europe's New Political Architecture

By Alpo M. Rusi
St. Martin's, 1991
198 pp. $39.95

Hyde-Price, an English scholar, repaints in modern colors the four traditional scenarios for European security-Atlanticist, west European, pan-European and de Gaulle's (and Thatcher's) Europe des états. He emphasizes that Europe's future will be more collage than architecture; there will be no single overarching organization. And both he and Rusi, a Finnish diplomat and scholar, point wisely to the future of the Soviet Union as the looming uncertainty, though neither can know-nor can we-how far Europe's institutions will or should stretch to deal with Soviet disintegration. Rusi's book is more a history of détente than an architecture for the future. He foresees a long period of transition, of "conflictual peace" in Europe, yet he is hopeful that the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe can become Europe's confederation.

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