My Turn To Speak: Iran, The Revolution And Secret Deals With The U.S

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My Turn To Speak: Iran, The Revolution And Secret Deals With The U.S

By Abol Hassan Bani-Sadr
Brasseys, 1991
224 pp. $19.95

This English translation of the 1989 French text is a rambling, self-serving series of reminiscences by Iran's former president. Compiled by a journalist from interviews, the book is long on sensational allegations and devoid of documentation that might lend credence to Bani-Sadr's claims. What is one to make of his assertion that Henry Kissinger plotted to set up a Palestinian state in-guess where-Khuzistan, the Arabic-speaking part of Iran? He is also convinced that Zbigniew Brzezinski met with Saddam Hussein to cook up the Iraqi invasion of Iran in 1980. His allegations that Reagan campaign officials met with Iranians during 1980 to delay the release of the hostages (and to bring about the downfall of Bani-Sadr) will be taken more seriously, and Bani-Sadr has repeatedly claimed that he can offer proof. But the reader will not find it here. Bani-Sadr quotes Khomeini as follows: "Bani-Sadr loses control of what he says and gets completely carried away. He often says things before thinking them through." He also notes a CIA report about him that concluded he was "self-seeking and unreliable." His book gives substance to both assertions.

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