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A Nazi Legacy: Right-Wing Extremism In Postwar Germany
A Nazi Legacy: Right-Wing Extremism In Postwar Germany
By Rand C. Lewis
Praeger, 1991, 208 pp

This clearly written study traces the development of radical right-wing movements in Germany from 1945 to the present, filling a gap in the historical literature. The author, a professor at Duquesne University, shows how the Nazi influence that permeated a small portion of postwar Germany's population led to the rise of a small but growing number of neo-Nazi groups, many of which became openly active in the 1980s. He stresses the continuation of Hitler's legacy through the evolution of militant groups such as the Nationalist Socialist Action Front and the Military Sports Group Hoffman, both of which are banned. "At present, the neo-Nazis do not present a major threat," he writes, "but they do have a history, albeit short, of using terrorism, which could propel them into a far more visible arena."