No Trumpets, No Drums: A Two-State Settlement Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

This book is both a remarkable political document and a sophisticated analysis of the core issues of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Its special interest stems from the identity of its authors-an Israeli who is a committed Zionist and a Palestinian who openly supports the PLO. Admittedly, both authors represent "moderate" views within their respective communities, but it is nonetheless noteworthy that they have been able to agree on so much. As a political realist, Nusseibeh accepts certain asymmetries in Israel's favor; Heller, from a long-standing conviction that Israel's security requires it, supports the creation of a Palestinian state subject to stringent security restrictions. If peace talks ever get underway, this is just the sort of thinking that will be required. Ahead of their time, no doubt, the authors show courage and imagination in seriously tackling issues others ignore.

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