The USSR And Marxist Revolutions In The Third World

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The USSR And Marxist Revolutions In The Third World

Edited by Mark N. Katz
Cambridge University Press, 1991
153 pp. $34.50

Three old hands, Mark Katz, Wayne Limberg and Neil MacFarlane, provide overarching essays on the central but specific issue of Soviet support for Third World Marxist regimes. MacFarlane addresses the historic question (from 1917 to Gorbachev), Katz, the Gorbachev era, and Limberg, the matter of military support. The premise of the book is now doubtless wrong: that the past will provide important insight into how Moscow will in the future deal with Marxist regimes in the Third World. But as we round out the story of a defunct Soviet foreign policy, it is good to have succinct, broad, summary judgments on the matter.

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