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Decisions For Defense: Prospects For A New Order
Decisions For Defense: Prospects For A New Order
By William W. Kaufmann and John D. Steinbruner
Brookings, 1991, 78 pp

Rapid change makes defense planning a moving target, and this pamphlet by two veteran Pentagon-watchers helps keep the target in view. For them the Pentagon's post-Iraq five-year plan to cut U.S. forces by a quarter (but spending by somewhat less) was too conservative, too nuclear and too enamored of high-technology birds in the bush at the expense of weapons in hand. They propose several cheaper options that still share the administration's cautious presumption that, for all the change, international politics has not been revolutionized. They conclude by relaxing that presumption to outline a cooperative security option, one based on the premise that "the participating military organizations are all on the same side."