Earth In The Balance: Ecology And The Human Spirit

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Earth In The Balance: Ecology And The Human Spirit

By Senator Al Gore
Houghton Mifflin, 1992
368 pp. $22.95

Global ecological trends are signaling to policymakers and citizens worldwide the need for a more enlightened understanding of human interaction with the environment. Gore provides a compelling case for this position. In an overview that flows from local to global issues, subjects range from the history of climate in human civilization and the implications of climate changes to the significance of old growth forests and the destruction of the Aral Sea. As a leading political player on many of these issues, Gore's politics figure prominently in his arguments, and his conclusion-that the United States should initiate an environmental Marshall Plan-is clearly the blueprint for Gore's own environmental political agenda. Nonetheless, his detailed proposals are interesting and thoughtful, and his thesis that current thinking about environmental problems requires greater foresight and vision remains convincing.

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