East Central Europe From Reform To Transformation; Remaking The Balkans

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East Central Europe From Reform To Transformation

By Judy Batt
Council on Foreign Relations Press, 1991
129 pp. $14.95

Remaking The Balkans

By Christopher Cviic
Council on Foreign Relations Press, 1991
113 pp. $14.95

Both are studies by the Royal Institute of International Affairs-one concentrates on Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, the other, on the former socialist countries of the Balkans, particularly Yugoslavia. Each is a concise, clear comment on developments in the region since the collapse of socialism. Batt, an academic, focuses more tightly on the events leading to the transformation, including the role of Gorbachev, and on political trends since-particularly an emerging competitive political environment and the politics of economic reform. Cviic, a journalist, applies a broader historical brush, featuring the ethnic diversity of the region.

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