Katyn: The Untold Story Of Stalin's Polish Massacre

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Katyn: The Untold Story Of Stalin's Polish Massacre

By Allen Paul
Scribner's, 1991
381 pp. $24.95

For five weeks in April and May 1940, Stalin's NKVD cruelly but carefully executed one by one 15,000 officers of the Polish army in the Katyn Forest, not far from Smolensk. Paul does much more than recount how and why this was done. Through the stories of three families who lost fathers, sons or brothers in the massacre, he provides an immensely full and human picture of what it was like when the Soviet and German occupiers swept into eastern Poland at the start of the war. He also has a good deal to say about the less-than-glorious high politics of the Katyn tragedy among Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.

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