The New European Community; European Community: The Building Of A Union

In This Review

The New European Community

Edited by Robert O. Keohane and Stanley Hoffmann
Westview Press, 1991
208 pp. $49.95

European Community: The Building Of A Union

By John Pinder
Oxford, 1991
284 pp. $47.00

In the first volume, first-rate observers and participants provide a highly useful account of the changes that have taken place in the European Community, largely in the context of the Single European Act. Separate essays describe, inter alia, the EC Council, the "democratic gap" (for example, the degree to which "pooled sovereignty" has diminished accountability) and the European Court of Justice. Peter Ludlow's chapter on the European Commission and its role under Jacques Delors in giving European institutions a strong new impetus is particularly valuable. Introductory efforts to find theories to account for new realities are a bit cumbersome. The John Pinder volume is a concise and valuable short history of the Community, with a prescription for a "neo-federalist" future.

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