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A Season Of Stones: Living In A Palestinian Village
A Season Of Stones: Living In A Palestinian Village
By Helen Winternitz
The Atlantic Monthly Press, 1991, 303 pp

For a brief moment early in 1989 the Palestinian village of Nahalin gained notoriety as the scene of senseless shooting of innocent civilians by the aggressive Israeli border police. During much of the preceding year, the author had been trying to win the confidence of these conservative villagers. Much of her compelling account deals with her difficulties being accepted in the village as a single woman. But she also tells of the politics of the intifada, the frequent clashes with the steadily encroaching Israeli settlements and the petty harassment of the villagers by the Israeli army. Her sympathies with the Palestinians, who eventually asked her to leave the village, are clear, but the author cannot be dismissed as a propagandist. Anyone wishing to understand the human side of the Arab-Israeli conflict should read this book.