On Strategy Ii: A Critical Analysis Of The Gulf War

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On Strategy Ii: A Critical Analysis Of The Gulf War

By Harry G. Summers, Jr.
Dell, 1992
302 pp. $4.99

People, military, government: Clausewitz's trinity is Summers' frame for assessing the Gulf War, as it was for his acclaimed and controversial critique of Vietnam. For him, a decorated veteran of both Korea and Vietnam, the Persian Gulf success was stunning: clear and constant goals; a quick, massive offensive in place of Vietnam's slow squeeze; reserves committed, not held aside lest calling them up be the tripwire to domestic opposition; and for the military, successes produced by unity of command, maneuver and combined arms-successes based on lessons the military had never entirely forgotten, Vietnam notwithstanding. His watchwords for the future are as provocative as his assessment of the war: talk of multilateral approaches is misplaced; the United States requires the strategic offensive of a unipolar power.

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