The Establishment Of Communist Rule In Poland, 1943-1948

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The Establishment Of Communist Rule In Poland, 1943-1948

By Krystyna Kersten
University of California Press, 1992
535 pp. $49.95

Kersten is a historian on the faculty of the University of Warsaw and a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 1984 she finished this vast history, which tells how communism came to prevail in Poland and over the various forces that would have had it otherwise. This is a detailed account of what were the many levels of that process throughout the society from 1943 forward; it is not merely another account of Soviet intrigues after the Red Army's liberation of Poland from German occupation. Apart from providing a comprehensive history of one of the postwar world's formative events, the book has great appeal in its stern avoidance of political labels and its strenuous analytical neutrality.

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