Seize The Moment: America's Challenge In A One-Superpower World

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Seize The Moment: America's Challenge In A One-Superpower World

By Richard M. Nixon
Simon & Schuster, 1992
322 pp. $23.00

This is the former president's best book, because he deals with current, lively issues and is forthright in stating his position on each. He supports assistance to the former Soviet states and advocates an active role in eastern Europe and continuing engagement in western Europe. He also comes out for independence of the various states comprising the former Yugoslavia, but urges a broader European entity. On the Middle East he is critical of U.S. policymakers' inability to distinguish between true friends and potential enemies. While heavily criticizing woolly-headed isolationism, he wisely adds a last chapter prescribing some domestic remedies and, Nixon being Nixon, he finally comes down to the question: "Do we have the will to play a leading role?" Altogether worth reading during the current debate about post-Cold War foreign policy.

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