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The Struggle For Democracy In Chile, 1982-1990
The Struggle For Democracy In Chile, 1982-1990
Edited by Paul W. Drake and Ivan Jaksic
University of Nebraska Press, 1992, 321 pp

Eleven qualified academic analysts, more than half of them Chilean nationals, analyze the gradual breakdown of Augusto Pinochet's authoritarian regime from its peak at the beginning of the 1980s through the collapse of its economic model to the Chilean public's rejection of its political model in the historic plebiscite of 1988. Chile's protracted transition toward redemocratization took place amid profound transformations of the country's economy, society and politics, making the transition both possible and different from what it would have been a decade earlier. By the time of the 1988 plebiscite and the 1989 presidential elections, Chileans had opted for the politics of compromise and moderate consensus. These essays, the first comprehensive volume on Chile's return to democracy, help explain why and how.