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Conflict Among Nations: Trade Policies In The 1990s
Conflict Among Nations: Trade Policies In The 1990s
Edited by Thomas R. Howell and others
Westview Press, 1992, 633 pp

"Trade policy conflict among nations in the 1990s is not a relic of a waning era of economic nationalism, but a development which will actually grow in intensity." A group of Washington trade lawyers make their case for this proposition in detailed examinations of the trade policies of Japan, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, the EC and the United States. They argue that in several of these countries, including Japan, protectionism and discriminatory practices are lodged more in private than in government hands. In the last 150 pages Alan Wolff cogently indicts the "failure" of American trade policy and suggests a series of "improvements." Although the authors do little to defend their views against objections, it would be a mistake for believers in the conventional wisdom of trade policy to ignore this first-rate provocative book or to think they had all the answers.