Peru Under Fire: Human Rights Since The Return To Democracy

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Peru Under Fire: Human Rights Since The Return To Democracy

By Americas Watch
Yale University Press, 1992
169 pp. $23.50

While Mexicans talk of economic integration with the United States, Peruvians worry about their country's social, political and economic disintegration and about the deadly cross-fire between the brutal Shining Path insurgency and government forces trying to reimpose state authority. This study, by a leading human rights organization, documents Peru's agony-the death or disappearance of more than 20,000 persons in the last decade, the displacement of some 200,000 more, the vicious cycle of insurgent and repressive violence that grips Peru, and the ambiguous and perhaps counterproductive impact of U.S. policy. Although this volume is understandably stronger at description and denunciation than at analysis or implementable prescription, it contributes importantly to highlighting the very painful dilemmas facing Peru and the inter-American community.

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