Trial After Triumph: East Asia After The Cold War

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Trial After Triumph: East Asia After The Cold War

By William E. Odom
Hudson Institute, 1992
151 pp. $12.95

A former director of the National Security Agency, Odom has written a fresh and sweeping study of the geostrategic challenge that East Asia poses for U.S. policy after the end of the Cold War. Odom says there are three primary requirements for a successful U.S. policy in the region. First, there must be a healthy global economy with the United States as its leader. Next, there should be an indefinite U.S. military presence in the region, albeit at reduced levels. Third, there needs to be a new and broadly accepted threat rationale for the U.S. military in the region. This is a valuable and compelling beginning for constructing a new U.S. policy in one of the world's most important regions.

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