Building Sino-American Relations: An Analysis For The 1990s

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Building Sino-American Relations: An Analysis For The 1990s

Edited by William T. Tow
Paragon House, 1992
327 pp. $18.95

This timely volume includes a number of thoughtful essays by American China specialists on U.S. policy toward China in the post-Cold War era. There is a particularly good essay by John Frankenstein on the economic aspects in which the author concludes that U.S. trade policy needs to be linked to a wider policy that will encourage China to play a positive role in the new world order. David Zweig, in another thoughtful essay, asserts that, since Tiananmen, U.S.-Chinese relations have become vulnerable to "single issue" constituencies in the United States, such as right-to-life advocates, human rights activists, trade protectionists and anticommunists.

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