Canadian Foreign Policy And International Economic Regimes

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Canadian Foreign Policy And International Economic Regimes

Edited by A. Claire Cutler and Mark W. Zacher
University of British Columbia Press, 1992
447 pp. $59.95

Although Canada has long supported efforts to strengthen international cooperation on economic problems, it is also true, as the studies in this valuable volume show, that the usual view of "the Canadian commitment to multilateralism and liberalization is an exaggerated and, in some cases, an inaccurate portrayal." It also shows many other things as the contributors, who mostly have deep specialized knowledge, describe and analyze Canadian participation in a variety of public and private international arrangements. About half the book deals with trade and investment but there are substantial chapters on aviation, shipping, telecommunications, fisheries, environment and monetary matters. Although not uniform in quality, the pieces add up to a very good review of Canadian foreign economic policy over a period of years and make a first-rate book.

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