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Cuba After Communism
Cuba After Communism
By Eliana Cardoso and Ann Helwege
MIT Press, 1992, 148 pp

Without support from the former Soviet Union, Cuba faces massive economic difficulties, compounded by its centralized control and antimarket orientation. This brief and accessibly written primer lays out a proposed series of reforms to help Cuba make the necessary transition to capitalism without abandoning the education and health care advances Castro's regime has achieved. The authors urge Cuba to adopt their program before further economic collapse causes lasting damage, and they call for a new U.S. policy to encourage Cuban reforms-including an end to the U.S. trade embargo, World Bank and IMF membership for Cuba and a major aid program for Cuba's reconstruction. Although the discussion of Cuba is somewhat superficial, and it notably fails to factor in political realities in either Cuba or the United States, this succinct volume does advance ideas that should be debated and considered.