Europe In Transition: The Management Of Security After The Cold War; The Future Of European Security; Southern European Security In The 1990s

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Europe In Transition: The Management Of Security After The Cold War

Edited by Robert J. Jackson
Praeger, 1992
224 pp. $47.95

The Future Of European Security

Edited by Beverly Crawford
Center for German and European Studies, 1992
410 pp. $23.50

Southern European Security In The 1990s

Edited by Roberto Aliboni
St. Martin's Press, 1992
147 pp. $59.00

Here we have three books with a total of 38 authors covering a spectrum of issues. Yet events are moving so rapidly that some of the key issues of the present in Europe-the destabilizing impact of mass migrations, Germany's difficulties integrating its eastern part, the breakup of Yugoslavia-are either not touched upon or only lightly addressed. That said, each of these books has considerable merit. The Jackson book, the outgrowth of a Committee on Atlantic Studies conference at the European University in Florence, contains interesting ideas on the future political and security structure of Europe and its relations with the United States. The Crawford work has more emphasis on the domestic sources of change, particularly the all important economic and social factors. And the Aliboni volume, put together by the Italian Institute for International Relations in collaboration with similar groups in Athens, Madrid and Lisbon, provides an important perspective on an often neglected subject: the consequences of the changes in central Europe and the former Soviet Union on the nations of southern Europe and the eastern Mediterranean.

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