India Briefing, 1992; Korea Briefing, 1992; China Briefing, 1992

In This Review

India Briefing, 1992

Edited by Leonard A. Gordon and Philip K. Oldenburg
Westview Press (with the Asia Society), 1992
259 pp. $36.85

Korea Briefing, 1992

Edited by Donald N. Clark
Westview Press (with the Asia Society), 1992
198 pp. $39.85

China Briefing, 1992

Edited by William A. Joseph
Westview Press (with the Asia Society), 1993
198 pp. $36.85

The Asia Society has once again produced its readable, authoritative annual surveys of developments in India, Korea and China. Each of these volumes has essays by prominent scholars illuminating the major political, economic, strategic and cultural trends.

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