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At the Hand of Man: Peril and Hope for Africa's Wildlife
At the Hand of Man: Peril and Hope for Africa's Wildlife
By Ray Bonner
Knopf, 1993, 336 pp

This provocative study by an investigative journalist tackles conservation in political and social dimensions, underscoring its complexity as an international issue. Bonner argues that the international ban on trade in ivory ignores expert consensus that the elephant is not an endangered species. Africa's game resources are heavily controlled and manipulated by eco-colonialists in Europe and North America, but Africans are expected to bear the main costs of conservation. "Saving the elephant" has filled coffers of international conservation and animal rights groups, but placed increased hardship on the precarious subsistence of impoverished peasants. Trophy hunting is more beneficial to animals than tourism. Western opinion is an obstacle to conservation because the public cannot grasp the principle of sustainable use of animals. Read on if you thought saving wildlife was one of the world's simpler problems.