The Dependency Movement: Scholarship and Politics in Development Studies

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The Dependency Movement: Scholarship And Politics In Development Studies

By Robert A. Packenham
Harvard University Press, 1992
362 pp. $42.50

Robert Packenham here analyzes and contrasts various concepts of economic development and social and political justice within the Latin American context. He provides a fascinating, relentless and extensively documented look at the politicization of the American academic community and what he sees as its Marxist roots. This will not be a popular work among Packenham's colleagues, as it exposes many of the follies and hypocrisies within the Latin Americanist precinct. Also, it is worth noting that Packenham makes much of the role played by the Brazilian sociologist Fernando Henrique Cardoso in what he calls the "dependency movement." Cardoso was until recently Brazil's foreign minister, currently holds the finance portfolio and is a would-be candidate for president. It will be interesting to see how one of the founding contributors to the mind-set Packenham so roundly criticizes will deal with the new Latin American paradigms of free trade, open markets, privatization and a less intrusive state.

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