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Fascist Europe: The Rise of Racism and Xenophobia
Fascist Europe: The Rise of Racism and Xenophobia
By Glyn Ford
216 pp, Westview Press, 1993

In 1984-85 the European Parliament appointed a Committee of Inquiry to study the rise of racism and fascism, and subsequently the European Parliament, Council and Commission adopted a Joint Declaration against Racism and Xenophobia. The present book grew out of the report of the 2nd Committee, finished in July 1990. The findings for all European countries are important and worrisome, with France and Germany as the countries most threatened by right-wing extremism, both because of its direct political effect and, more seriously, because of its influence on the traditional right. The European Parliament adopted the report, but little else has happened. A useful survey, even if the committee and especially the editor use the term "fascism" a bit loosely. Not every bloody-minded xenophobe is a fascist.