Protestantism and Politics in Eastern Europe and Russia

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Protestantism and Politics in Eastern Europe and Russia

Edited by Sabrina Petra Ramet
Duke University Press, 1993
441 pp. $60.00

The last of a three-volume study of the Christian churches in the former socialist states of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. In this instance several of the authors make an effort to deal with events since the collapse of socialism, but mostly the essays deal with the struggle and accommodations of the various Protestant churches with the prior regimes. The authors are all experts on the churches they discuss, but by and large their commentaries are more descriptive than analytical. They provide a detailed running account of which churches did what and how seven East European states and the Soviet Union responded. They have a few things to say about why each side behaved as it did, but not to the degree that the place of the church between state and society is fully probed.

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