The Middle East after Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait

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The Middle East after Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait

Edited by Robert O. Freedman
University Press of Florida, 1993
374 pp. $49.95

After each major event in the Middle East, Robert Freedman convenes a conference at Baltimore Hebrew University to assess its implications. This most recent conference volume lives up to the high quality of its predecessors. The individual chapters are written by well-known authors who make a serious attempt to assess the importance of the Persian Gulf War. Most of the authors content themselves with surveying recent development, refraining from sweeping predictions about the future. This is just as well. No one could have foreseen the developments of the past year, but at least we have a useful collection of how things looked as of early 1992 and we have a reminder of how quickly things can change, even in the Middle East.

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