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The Emerging Atlantic Culture
The Emerging Atlantic Culture
By Thomas Molnar
Transaction Publishers, 1994, 113 pp

Supercilious musings about important historical-political questions: how Americans and Europeans view each other's culture and how Europeans in particular regard America's growing presence there. The author, a European philosopher who has taught in the United States, believes that America finds itself locked up in its ideology of a master-society (as Hitler's Germans thought of themselves as the master-race ) . . . He regrets Europe's subservience to soulless America, even in matters of European laws now passed concerning sexual mores: The imitation of rules and laws from the puritanical climate of the United States shows the unthinking, servile submission to alien mores. The topic, as suggested by the title, deserves serious study; the present essay is a compendium of once fashionable cliches.