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Europe and Africa: The New Phase
Europe and Africa: The New Phase
Edited by I. William Zartman
Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1993, 211 pp

The contributors to this solid collection, on a sliding scale from veiled to outright pessimism, share the view that Africa's economic and strategic marginalization will increase as a result of the consolidation of the European Community and the end of the Cold War. Separate chapters consider Africa's investment, aid and trade relations with Europe as these are affected by the Lome Convention, the Single European Market created in 1992, and changing European security perspectives. The authors foresee continuing aid dependency in much of Africa and note the leverage this need gives donor states and the EC in imposing political as well as economic conditions on aid. African states are variously advised to improve their economic competitiveness, form more viable trading blocs, create better investment conditions through political and administrative reforms, and in all possible ways resist aid dependence.