The Israel-Syria Armistice Regime, 1949-1955

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The Israel-Syria Armistice Regime, 1949-1955

By Aryeh Shalev
Westview, 1993
255 pp. $32.50

As Syria and Israel stand on the brink of serious peace negotiations, it is worth recalling that there have been previous negotiations between these two adversaries and that lessons can be learned from these past experiences. The author was an Israeli participant in the Mixed Armistice Commission with Syria, which was set up to help carry out the armistice agreement signed in 1949. His study is filled with information from Israeli and U.N. sources, although the Syrian side is less well told, for understandable reasons. Among the useful conclusions are that the parties to future negotiations should be clear about territorial issues and seek to embed their agreement in an overall peace rather than just another armistice.

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