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Reducing Nuclear Danger: The Road Away from the Brink
Reducing Nuclear Danger: The Road Away from the Brink
By Mcgeorge Bundy, William J. Crowe, Jr., and Sidney D. Drell
Council on Foreign Relations Press, 1993, 107 pp

This hardbound book (really, three chapters) offers a clear and concise version of the centrist-liberal view of nuclear strategy after the Cold War. The title of one section Sustained Cooperation for Controlled Moderation gives the flavor of their anodyne analysis. The solution to nuclear weapons in the former Soviet Union is arms control and the nuclear disarmament of all states save Russia; the proper reaction to proliferation is American support for the International Atomic Energy Administration and the United Nations. More vigorous measures are either notable by their absence (preemptive attack a la Osirak) or included as a seeming afterthought (strategic defenses). This light read offers a quick way of getting a fix on the Clinton administrations conventional wisdom on nuclear weapons.