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Security Without War: A Post-Cold War Foreign Policy
Security Without War: A Post-Cold War Foreign Policy
By Michael H. Shuman and Hal Harvey
Westview Press, 1993, 318 pp

Shuman and Harvey lay out a clear-cut, if somewhat predictable, progressive foreign policy agenda for the post-Cold War order. It is one based on multilateralism and U.N. collective security, promotion of democracy, arms control, environmental protection, grass-roots participation, sustainable growth, and non-provocative defense. The two authors were very uneasy with American foreign policy during the Cold War and Gulf War, including its record on intervention and the nondemocratic way in which U.S. foreign policy has been formulated. Many of the agenda items here, such as easing the Latin American debt crisis, reversing Americas economic decline relative to Japan, ending deep strike conventional war strategies, and trimming the defense budget, have already been overtaken by events.