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U.S. Army Field Manual 100-5: Fighting Future Wars
U.S. Army Field Manual 100-5: Fighting Future Wars
By The U.S. Department Of The Army
Brassey's (US), 1994, 172 pp

This is a reprint of the U.S. Army's most important doctrinal manual. Of all the armed services, the Army cares most deeply about doctrine as an authoritative description of the fundamental principles guiding its actions. The 1982 and 1986 versions of the manual described the Army's belief in "AirLand Battle", an orchestrated assault on a large, conventionally armed enemy using synchronized operations and an attack throughout its depths. The new manual includes a scant (eight-page) section on operations other than war, which discusses, among other subjects, peacekeeping, counterinsurgency and the many tasks that often absorb the Army's attention day-to-day. One can safely predict that the next version will contain far more on this subject. Indeed, one suspects that this will come to be seen as a transitional document, pending a major reconsideration of what the Army does and why it exists.