A League of Airmen: U.S. Airpower in the Gulf War

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A League of Airmen: U.S. Airpower in the Gulf War

By James A. Winnefeld, Preston Niblack and Dana J. Johnson
RAND, 1994
335 pp. $30.00

Winnefeld, a retired naval aviator, led a RAND team studying the Gulf War for the Air Force. The result leans heavily on the original Department of Defense's Conduct of the Persian Gulf War report and some material from the Gulf War Air Power Survey (although not much of the recently published statistical data from that effort), but the authors have conducted supplementary research and interviews. The result is a useful and generally balanced one-volume account of the air war in the Gulf, albeit one with few surprises. The authors warn that the war had an unusually good fit with U.S. Air Force doctrine, which may not be the case next time.

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