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Handbook of U.S.-Latin American Policymaking
Handbook of U.S.-Latin American Policymaking
Edited by David W. Dent
Greenwood Press, 1995, 555 pp

Among the plethora of poorly edited and recycled essays that unfortunately make up the mainstay of collective volumes of this genre, Dent's comprehensive road map to U.S.-Latin American policymaking since the 1960s is a shining exception. For the past 20 years, Dent of Towson State University has been a contributing editor of the authoritative Handbook of Latin American Studies, which is produced by the excellent Hispanic division of the Library of Congress, and the experience shows. The book, written with a team of 19 scholars, will be indispensable to academics, journalists, and anyone working in the field. Chapters cover the United States and international economic organizations, interest groups and the media, and who makes Latin American policy. There is a fascinating appendix of political cartoons.