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Remaking the Argentine Economy
Remaking the Argentine Economy
By Felipe A.M. De La Balze
Council on Foreign Relations Press, 1995, 196 pp

This is an accessible, theoretically sophisticated overview in an informative comparative setting. Felipe de la Balze, active in both academia and the private sector, places the Argentine political and economic turnaround in a broad historical context. How, he asks, could a nation among the most advanced countries of the world in terms of standard of living as well as political and social development after the First World War succumb to anarchy and economic decline? He looks in detail at the reform program instituted with the critical political support of Peronist President Carlos Sadl Menem and the skillful policies and resilient willpower of Minister of the Economy Domingo Cavallo, who formed a partnership strong enough to withstand a tidal wave of panic after the Mexican peso fiasco. De la Balze outlines the tasks that yet lie ahead, formidable in his view, if Argentina is to achieve and sustain high levels of growth and regain the prosperity it once enjoyed.