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Between State and Civil Society in Africa
Between State and Civil Society in Africa
Edited by Eghosa Osaghae
Council For The Development Of Social Science Research In Africa, 1994, 281 pp

The relationship between state and civil society, particularly with regard to the question of democratization, has become central to much contemporary work on sub-Saharan Africa. It is unfortunate, then, that this collection of essays by African scholars fails on the whole to break new conceptual ground on the issue. Two pieces are notable, however: Tiyambe Zeleza's analysis of urban unemployment, in particular his criticism of glowing portrayals of the "informal sector," and Jimi Adesina's number-crunching critique of neoliberal complaints about African wage and productivity rates. Both essays are sound contributions to the debate over development and democratization and should not be overlooked just because of the less worthy material surrounding them.