Wary Partners: Diplomats and the Media

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Wary Partners: Diplomats and the Media

By David D. Pearce
Congressional Quarterly, 1995
205 pp. $35.95

A textbook designed to introduce diplomats and journalists to each other's profession, this volume explains such elementary facts as the day of the week a news magazine files, how press guidances are cleared in the State Department, and the difference between briefings done "on background" and "off the record." A serving U.S. Foreign Service officer and former foreign correspondent, the author argues that a climate of distrust has been developing between the diplomatic and journalistic communities, at least since Vietnam. They are dependent on each other, however, and diplomats in particular need to see the press not as an obstacle but as an essential component of their job. The book does not break new ground, but it is full of useful advice and will be of interest to those outside the two professions for its anecdotes on how foreign policy is made and covered.

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