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On Infantry, Revised Edition
On Infantry, Revised Edition
By John A. English and Bruce I. Gudmundsson
Praeger, 1994, 216 pp

Underlying warfare on land, and perhaps warfare in general, is infantry combat -- the combination of movement and fire by which armies take and hold ground. Ignored or disdained by students of strategy, the literature of battlefield tactics and organization is more important and, at its best, far more readable than generalists might think. Originally published 15 years ago, this substantially revised book conveys to a lay audience the fundamental trends and problems in the development of this vital component of military power. Working with a prolific and skilled co-writer, the primary author, a Canadian officer, has deleted some technical material and placed this development in a wider context of military history. Although more accessible and broader in scope than the original version, the revision has been stripped of most of the diagrams and sketch maps that made its seemingly arcane military detail comprehensible. The first edition did a better job of explaining the significance of technical matters. Nonetheless, the book remains an indispensable introduction.