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Mexico: From Montezuma to NAFTA, Chiapas, and Beyond
Mexico: From Montezuma to NAFTA, Chiapas, and Beyond
By Jaime Suchlicki
Brassey’s, 1996, 240 pp

For anyone seeking a quick introduction to Mexico from the conquest of Tenochtitl‡n in 1519 to the troubled first year of Ernesto Zedillo’s administration, a good starting place is Jaime Suchlicki’s fast-paced narrative. Suchlicki, a long-time observer of Mexico and author of several important works on Cuban history, teaches at the University of Miami and edits the excellent Journal of Interamerican and World Affairs. While this is a book aimed at ‘jet set tourists’ as well as ‘workers and peasants,’ and is often breathless in its rush forward over the centuries, there are some surprisingly provocative nuggets, including the suggestion that ‘President Zedillo may be the first Mexican president in decades to face a covert or even an open threat of a coup.’ A useful and lively introduction to a complex history.