Playing By the Rules: American Trade Power and Diplomacy in the Pacific

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Playing By the Rules: American Trade Power and Diplomacy in the Pacific

By Michael P. Ryan
Georgetown University Press, 1995
228 pp. $42.50

Now that the Cold War is over, trade conflicts with Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China have been among the United States' most challenging diplomatic problems. This timely volume analyzes the strategy and effectiveness of U.S. trade diplomacy toward its key East Asian trading partners. It examines a number of market-opening initiatives on the part of U.S. special trade representatives under Section 301 of the Trade Act, based on a variety of U.S. government and GATT documents, legal briefs filed with the U.S. government by trade lawyers for the disputants, and extensive interviews in Washington, Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei. The result is a judicious analysis of American economic policy in Asia, exposing both its flaws and considerable achievements and highlighting the challenges still awaiting GATT and the newly created World Trade Organization.

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