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East Asian Security: An International Security Reader
East Asian Security: An International Security Reader
Edited by Michael E. Brown, Sean M. Lynn-Jones, and Steven E
MIT Press, 1996, 351 pp

This volume is an attractively priced collection of essays on East Asian security, all of which originally appeared in International Security. Many have already been frequently cited in the rapidly growing literature on East Asia. Some, such as those by Richard Betts and Aaron Friedberg, explore the overall prospects for war, peace, and stability in East Asia. Others, such as the chapter by Desmond Ball, present a comprehensive view of the arms buildup in the region. Still others discuss aspects of Chinese and Japanese security and foreign policies. There is, for example, a very informative review of Chinese perspectives on nuclear arms control by Banning N. Garrett and Bonnie S. Glaser. And Thomas U. Berger contributes an especially valuable discussion of Japanese security policy explaining why it is highly unlikely that Japan will set out to become a military superpower. The volume should be especially useful in courses dealing with East Asian security issues.