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The Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations, 4 vols
The Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations, 4 vols
Edited by Bruce W. Jentleson and Thomas G. Paterson
Oxford University Press, 1997, 1936 pp

These handsome volumes, prepared under the auspices of the Council on Foreign Relations and the supervision of Nicholas X. Rizopoulos, represent a remarkable accomplishment. There are 1,024 entries, anchored by 51 major essays, that cover every aspect of U.S. foreign policy from late colonial times to the present. Written by eminent authorities, and festooned with maps, charts, and chronologies, this four- volume set will be immensely useful to anyone interested in this vast subject -- from beginning students looking for accessible overviews and bibliographies to scholars wishing to check facts that are out of mind (but no longer, happily, out of reach). The editorial team responsible for these volumes -- which every library should have, and every scholar and policymaker will want -- has superbly executed a herculean task.