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Brazil Under Cardoso
Brazil Under Cardoso
Edited by Susan Kaufman Purcell and Riordan Roett
Lynne Rienner, 1997, 118 pp

A timely analysis of the Cardoso administration. Purcell, vice-president of the Americas Society, provides an insightful analysis of U.S.-Brazilian relations. Albert Fishlow, who currently holds the Volcker Chair at the Council on Foreign Relations, gives a succinct overview of the 1994 Real Plan, which brought monetary stability, and takes a cautiously optimistic look at the overall economic prospects. Amaury de Souza, of the Institute for Economic, Social, and Political Research of S‹o Paulo, believes Cardoso has a unique opportunity on health, education, and social welfare. Many others argue, however, that Cardoso has not moved fast enough due to political compromises in his successful bid to change the rules and run for a second term. In his introduction to Brazilian politics, coeditor and long-time Brazil hand Riordan Roett warns that "the process of reform will be slow and as much influenced by local considerations as" by Cardoso's reform agenda.