Internal Factors in Russian Foreign Policy

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Internal Factors in Russian Foreign Policy

By Neil Malcolm et al.
Oxford University Press, 1996
356 pp. $72.00

Four of Great Britain's ablest Russian specialists have combined to produce the single best book available on contemporary Russian foreign policy. This is much more than a collection of essays. It is a genuinely synthetic work, with a carefully conceived division of labor and linked chapters. These deal with the contested ideas and orientations underlying Russian foreign policy, the agencies and processes producing policy, the broader political arena within which politicians and special interests struggle to influence policy, and the particular role played by the military. The research is thorough, the authors experienced and talented, and the result a balanced, comprehensive exploration of the tension among contending schools of thought, institutions, and players. Although focused on 1994 and 1995, it is a measure of the book's quality that for the most part the analysis remains sound.

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