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Delbruck's Modern Military History
Delbruck's Modern Military History
Edited by Arden Bucholz
University of Nebraska Press, 1997, 244 pp

Hans Delbruck was perhaps the first, and certainly one of the most important, military historians of modern times. His four-volume History of the Art of War, recently translated and still in print after nearly a century, was his monumental work. Bucholz has, however, collected some of his most important essays and journalism, introducing them with a compact but complete biography. Delbruck engaged in a heated dispute with the German General Staff after World War I, hotly contesting the mistaken belief that Germany had succumbed to a "stab in the back," and arguing that Germany's professional military leadership had made fatal errors in strategy during that war. He died, isolated and besieged, but a hero to those who believe in the utility and legitimacy of critical, scholarly civilian analysis of military affairs.