Frontline Diplomacy: Humanitarian Aid and Conflict in Africa

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Frontline Diplomacy: Humanitarian Aid and Conflict in Africa

By John Prendergast
Lynne Rienner, 1996
165 pp. $12.00

A valuable addition to the growing literature on humanitarian aid and its repercussions in civil and international conflicts. The author distills the observations of dozens of veteran aid agency personnel in Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and the Great Lakes region into a pragmatic guide for policymakers and less-experienced practitioners. The central themes are how aid can exacerbate conflict and how this impact can be minimized by donors who assess needs correctly and recognize the myriad but well-documented pitfalls of involvement. Equally important are two final chapters of practical advice on how nongovernmental organizations by taking a well-formulated proactive position can best help to lay the foundations for future peace and security in today's warring regions.

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